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  • The RompHim...[is]flattering and adaptable, clothing that can work on many different body types, on anyone of any gender. Despite the fact that the RompHim was indeed "trending fashion," it is a rare outlier of one that has been elevated to fashion trend. 

    Rachel Lubitz, Mic

  • We may be heading into an Australian winter but when summer rolls back around again, chances are you will be taking to a boat wearing one of these romper suits for men.

    Staff, GQ Australia

  • ...according to our super scientific study, four out of five regular guys agree that a romper can have its place in the well-rounded man's wardrobe.

    Gabrielle Bruney, Esquire

  • Is a romper something that men are dying to wear? Apparently so...The preppy pastel jumpers are built for comfort and come with an adjustable waist and a zipper so the brave men who don one don’t have to disrobe completely to use the bathroom like their female counterparts.

    Brooke Bobb, Vogue

  • …the company hilariously spoofs Apple’s 1984 ad to show they're overthrowing the old order of men's fashion and assure dudes, who may be making their first foray into rompers, they'll love them.

    Catherine Trautwein, Time

Fit Guide

RompHim Fit

RompHim male romper fit guide sizing table

We realize that wearing a romper may be a new experience for some of our customers- so we think this calls for a new approach to sizing. Instead of giving only garment measurements, we have created recommended ranges based on your height, chest size, and the waist size of your favorite pair of pants.

For those on the upper end of a spectrum (e..g 6'2" with a 33 waist ordering a Medium), know that your garment will be on the fitted, shorter side- if you prefer a roomier garment, size up.

For those on the lower end of a sizing spectrum (e.g. 5'8" with a 30 waist ordering a Medium), your garment will be on the looser, longer side- if you prefer something more fitted, size down.

Regardless, across all sizes our adjustable waist tabs will help you get a more tapered fit (if that's what you're into). And if you want to make any post-purchase adjustments, feel free to consult our romper tailoring guide.

Sizing questions? Email us!

RompSUIT Fit

We don't expect everyone to have worn a full-body garment like the RompSuit before, so we took a new approach to sizing, providing two sets of measurements. First, check out the "wearer" measurements. These will give you a good idea of which size of RompSuit will fit you given your height and the waist size of your favorite pair of pants.

Next, check out the garment measurements. You can match these up against the specs of any shirts/pants that you normally wear to get an idea of how the RompSuit will likely fit on your body.

Sizing questions? Email us!